PTLLS / City and Guilds 7303 - (Preparing to Teach in the Life Long learning Sector)

This course is aimed at anyone intending to teach short courses within their own specialist subject area to adult candidates.

Most information about PTLLS Courses can often be very confusing. The Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector or PTLLS is now replacing the older Train the Trainer Qualifications.

What is it all about and how can it be done?

Simply bring your specialised subject knowledge or qualification, then we advise you on ways on how you can teach that subject. The PTLLS Award is an award to teach to Adults and Young People in Further Education or Higher Education.

PTLLS is part of a series of awards leading to full Teaching Status as part of the Qualified Teacher and Learning Status (QTLS). You are able to continue through the Certificate and Diploma Stages. The Diploma (DTLLS) is an equivalent level to a degree.

How long does it take to start teaching?

Simple answer is straight away, with the course we have designed you get into the “thick” of it straight away. It is an intensive but fun course, though it is a level 3 qualification so expect to work but we keep a very calm and relaxed environment to make this “work” which allows it to be easier and fun. This work consists of learning about teaching theories such as  from Maslow, Skinner, Kolb, Petty, Honey & Mumford and many others. You will learn the importance of lesson planning and how to plan and impliment an effective teaching and learning session with inclusive learning and embedding basic key skills.

We use the natural group dynamics which change from course to course. However, we always get the right things out the way, this is to develop every learners teaching skills and styles. Everybody has their own style of teaching whether it be based on wat they have seen or what their idea of a teacher be and we help bring out the best in these qualities. All teaching is based around peer assessment so the other learners can gain and learn from each other. We have developed fun teaching games to trick you into becoming good lesson planners and knowing exactly why and how you need to plan.

What is our aim in this course?

To make you into “That” teacher.

With the way we structure our course, we try to make a relaxed and comfortable learning environment for our candidates. This is to build up your confidence to give you the maximum opportunity to show us your natural teaching skills. We try to guide you through and pin point what you already know, whilst developing your teaching styles and show you why and when to use different techniques. Classroom management, inclusive learning and PNP are just a few things which you will come accustomed to and start to hone your skills in. We aim that by the time you leave us with this PTLLS qualification you will be well on your way to becoming “That” teacher you have in your mind.

Our tutors, mentors and verifiers hold awards in Education and Business, including BA(hons) in Business, Special Education Needs, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), BA(hons) Education. All our tutors are currently on courses to improve themselves for the benefit of our learners, course examples such as a Masters in Education degree. Our Continuous Professional Development and our drive to research and develop our education knowledge and expertise enhances the materials and resources which are then shared with all our learners past and present. We believe this to be part of the reason that our PTLLS Course works so well.

What are your units within the course?

Unit 1 – Understanding your Roles and Responsibilities

Unit 2 – Appropriate Teaching and Learning Practices

Unit 3 – Planning Sessions

Unit 4 – Inclusive Learning

Unit 5 – Assessment and Administration

How is the course ran?

There are several different ways in which the course can be taken, we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible to suit the learners needs, after all we are here for you.

Who needs PTLLS?

It is stated on many governmental websites that if you want to work in colleges, University or teach on any LSC funded courses you will need it. Legislation is always changing and for you to offer the best training you can give and to stay ahead of the ever changing legislations this course is the way forward.

Any fully accredited course requires you to have at least a PTLLS qualification to teach.

If you already are an experienced trainer and are looking to update and improve your skills, we cover all teaching styles essential theories and teaching approaches needed in the modern day.

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